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Taking Physical Therapy Personally

Reactive Physical Therapy is an entirely new concept in injury rehabilitation and physical health maintenance. Developed to provide individuals with more focused attention and higher-quality treatment, Reactive PT accelerates the return to everyday activities, propels people to peak physical performance and reduces the risk of future injury.

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Individualized Evaluations & Progress Reports

After each Reactive Physical Therapy visit, you will be emailed a personalized evaluation with detailed progress reports. These forms serve as a helpful diagnostic assessing your overall physical health and tracking your rehabilitation progress. They identify any physical limitations you may have and provide you with an overview of the prescribed treatments for making a full recovery. 

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Customized Home Exercises

To further your rehab progress between visits, Reactive Physical Therapy provides personalized take-home exercises designed specifically for each patient. Instructional video clips and exercise overviews will be emailed to you immediately following your visit. These reminders feature images of you performing the prescribed activities and serve as a reminder of the recommended exercise reps and frequency.

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Direct Access & Immeditate Follow-up

Patients of Reactive Physical Therapy have a direct line of communication with an elite licensed physical therapist. You can call, text or email anytime of the day. Messages left will be answered within 24 hours of receiving them.

Doug Rempe


Founder & President
"I founded Reactive Physical Therapy to provide an environment that is completely patient focused. There are no patient quotas or insurance limitations. I focus my time, skills and creativity to attain the greatest possible outcomes for the individuals I treat."

Doug Rempe has over 20 years of clinical physical therapy experience. He holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy, a Masters Degree in Education and is a Licensed Athletic Trainer. In addition, Doug serves as part of the United States Olympics Medical Staff and contributes his expertise to the U.S. Paralympic Track and Field team. He was selected by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to train U.S. athletes at the Beijing and London Paralympic Games as well as at various national and world Track and Field Championships.

A frequent presenter within his field, Doug shares his expertise at medical and sports performance conferences across the country. He has presented at the National Athletic Trainers Association Convention and the U.S. Paralympic Symposium where he shared perspectives on the biomechanics of amputee sprinters and their gait compensations. Locally, Doug lectures in Sports Medicine Classes at Miami University and Xavier University.

Doug Rempe - Olympic Physical Therapy

Lisa Joliat M.D.

“I highly recommend Doug Rempe for Physical Therapy. Over the ten years I have known Doug, he has helped me to recover from several of my own injuries. Doug is also extremely effective in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions in the patients I refer to him.”

Suzy RosenbergNational Ski Patrol

“I simply could not have achieved this level of function with my current insurance-based P.T. plan. Doug works with the individual, taking into account their previous history, current condition and desired goals. It’s truly a unique experience.”

Cindy Chang M.D.Chief Medical Officer 2012 US Olympic Team

“Doug is highly organized, extremely professional and competent in his care of the athletes in our sports medicine clinic. He is very approachable with a great sense of humor, and provides excellent decision making in stressful situations.”

Kathleen Bridges M.D.

“Doug is a very intelligent, skilled, and caring therapist, who provides wonderful individualized treatment. It has been a pleasure working with him for the treatment for my own lower back pain.”