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Doug Rempe Named to US Paralympic Medical Staff for IPC Grand Prix

June 2014

For a third consecutive year, Doug Rempe has been named to the US Paralympic Medical Staff. Appointed to serve as an official trainer for the team at this year’s International Paralympic Committee Grand Prix Championships, Doug will spend two weeks in Grosseto, Italy, and Paris, France, preparing U.S. athletes for competition.

Doug Rempe Honored With Health Care Leadership Award

May 15, 2014

Reactive Physical Therapy President and Founder Doug Rempe was recently honored as a recipient of the Healthcare Leadership Award, presented by LEAD Magazine. The Healthcare Leadership Award aims to honor leading industry professionals who strive to improve the everyday lives of patients, colleagues and their community.

Physical Therapist Brings Best in Class to Cincinnati

Venue Magazine - May 15, 2014

Cincinnati’s Venue Magazine highlights inspirational and uplifting stories about the city’s philanthropic leaders and organizations. The publication recently featured Reactive Physical Therapy as an innovative new option for advanced physical therapy care.

Extreme Rise In Physical Therapy Copays

From The American Physical Therapy Association - 2014

In recent years there has been an unprecedented shift in the payment practices of physical therapy services. With therapy now defined as a “specialty” by many insurance plans, the financial responsibility of these treatments has moved from the insurer to the patient. This regulatory change has patients now questioning the true value gained from the therapy they are receiving.

The rise in copays and the limitations in insurer-covered treatment are the primary reasons Reactive Physical Therapy has developed its innovative Direct Care approach. See the excerpt below from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) on the serious effect higher copays are having on physical therapy treatments.

There are growing national concerns regarding the increasing financial burden and out-of-pocket expense for the health care consumer. More specifically, because patients typically see a physical therapist multiple times during an episode of care, the financial burden of copayments may be a deterrent to accessing care. Under certain health plans, copayments for physical therapy services, some exceeding $60 per visit, also can exceed the reimbursement paid by the plan to the provider of care. This cost shift has imposed an unnecessary financial burden on consumers, and restricts access to physical therapy services. High copayments for physical therapy have recently been cited as a reason that some consumers opt to reduce their frequency of care or forgo medically necessary care running the risk of worsening the underlying condition and/or risking reinjury, thus potentially negatively impacting patient care outcomes.

Currently, in many health insurance contracts, the physical therapist is classified under the specialist designation, which from a fiscal perspective increases the financial burden to the patient. In states or in insurance companies where this designation is utilized, the specialist classification is often accompanied by higher copayments for the consumer. Most other health care specialists are seen in consultation at significantly less frequent intervals than that required in contemporary physical therapy care. Therefore, resulting in the patient paying higher copays for the specialist visit, as well as, burdened with paying copays for each physical therapy visit.

- American Physical Therapy Association

Physical Therapist To Olympians • December, 17, 2013

Doug Rempe gained much of his physical therapy expertise working with Team USA Olympians and Paralympians. This article on’s online newspaper highlights Doug’s experience and how it translates into better patient care for the people he sees.

Local Trainer To Help Paralympians in London

WLWT - August 16, 2012

On the day before leaving for the London Paralympics Games, reporters from Channel 5 News met up with Doug Rempe at his clinic to talk about the opportunity to work with some of our country’s most elite athletes.