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At Reactive Physical Therapy your physical wellbeing is our only priority. We spend one full hour of individualized evaluation and treatment time with each client during every visit. This personalized approach enhances understanding, accelerates recovery and maximizes your physical performance.

Reactive Physical Therapy Services

From immediate post-surgical/post-injury treatment to advanced conditioning, Reactive Physical Therapy provides tailored treatment options to help you achieve your physical goals.

Biomechanical Screening
Injury Assessment
Treatment & Prevention
Special Needs
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Functional Core Training
Video Analysis
Balance Training
Strength & Conditioning
Classes & Seminars
Pre-Sport Consultation

Physical Therapy Rates

Direct Care Therapy with Reactive Physical Therapy costs less then you might expect. When you compare the personalized attention and the positive results to that of traditional physical therapy, you will find that Reactive provides exceptional care at an unmatched value.

Initial Evaluation


This prerequisite appointment is a private, 1-hour biomechanical screening to assess your current muscular strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Evaluations will identify muscle and/or joint issues that may restrict your ability to use your body efficiently.

Follow-Up Treatment Sessions (No Limit)


These private 1-hour rehabilitation sessions holistically address any biomechanical limitations and work toward achieving your specific physical training goals. This includes the development of personalized exercises, complete one-on-one treatment and continual evaluation of your therapy progress. Following each visit, you will be emailed a detailed progress report with customized take-home exercises to continue treatment between visits.

Pre-Sport/Pre-Activity Consultation


Utilized prior to prep sports participation and seasonal sports like golf, biking, skiing and snowboarding, this one-on-one, 30-minute consultation evaluates a person’s physical readiness to engage in their desired activity and identifies areas that may require therapeutic attention to ensure successful involvement.

Insurance Coverage Comparison

To better understand the value of the direct care treatment provided by Reactive Physical Therapy, compare our rates and services with physical therapy treatment covered by standard health insurance plans. As healthcare co-pays for physical therapy continue to rise and more therapists begin to double up patients to compensate for insurance limitations, the personalized direct care approach of Reactive Physical Therapy becomes invaluable for patients looking to optimize their treatment.

Reactive Physical Therapy
Private 1-on-1 Session:
60 Minutes
PT Consultation:
60 Minutes
Private Session Rate:
Reactive Therapist Rate:
$1.75 per minute
Physical Therapy
Average PT Session:
20 Minutes
Average PT Consultation:
10 Minutes
Standard PT Copay:
$20 - $60
Therapist Rate:
$2.00 - $6.00 per minute

Using Health Savings Accounts

Treatment at Reactive Physical Therapy is covered by all major HSA programs, allowing you to use tax-free dollars to pay for services. To apply Reactive costs to this account, simply pay with your HSA card following your visit.

The Rehab Reactor™

Reactive Physical Therapy patients will have exclusive access to the RehabReactor, a patented exercise therapy device created by founder Doug Rempe. This equipment has been specifically designed and successfully used to accelerate functional rehabilitation and boost athletic performance. By moving patients from partial weight bearing activity to advanced conditioning and resistance training, the RehabReactor has helped thousands of people achieve their mobility and fitness goals.

See the RehabReactor™ in Action

RehabReactor Device
RehabReactor Swing